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JavaScript (JS) is a very famous programming language. It is a client side programming language. While a server side programming language needs access to make a call to server and database, which makes the actions to depend on the internet speed, a client side programming language can very quickly run a code directly written inside a page, so it is very fast. It is usually used where we want to implement special functionalities on mouse button click, etc. We mostly have choice to depend on a server side programming language or we can alternatively also depend on client side programming languages. JavaScript has been upgraded to a lot of different setups which provide superfast website functionalities. jQuery is one such set of libraries, which has ready made complex services available. We can use those readymade libraries to implement JavaScript code in our website to run on website quickly.  There is a very little different in coding structure of JavaScript and jQuery.

jQuery is an upgraded version of JavaScript where you can use readymade libraries and depend on little coding in jQuery code to implement complex functionalities without coding much.

jQuery code mostly depends on CDN (Content Delivery Network). It is a URL or website address which needs to be added on top of page. Some CDN versions for jQuery shown here: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/jquery . This CDN holds laws how jQuery functions. We can also download it on a local machine or setup so that it do not need to fetch data from other website address. There are different version of CDN available while is most advised to use latest version however as per need of other pre-defined functionalities in website, there maybe need to depend on previous versions of CDN because using two CDN version used at same time can mix the output and show something not as per the exact requirement. There are a lot of CDNs on which jQuery depends. It could be CDN to a particular type of functionalities we need in jQuery. There are different websites which provide CDN. There are also different methods to add a CDN URL in PHP, or a particular CMS, etc.

To learn jQuery, it is advised to learn JavaScript first. Here is a video showing how to use jQuery:

While this video display demonstration how jQuery can be put to use, there are a lot of other useful methods how jQuery can be used. jQuery is a good programming language in Content Management Systems as well, such as WordPress. It is because when its parent programming language PHP is doing most functionalities and a lot of menus in WordPress are not good to edit because of their consistency and whenever we update a plugin over time custom code can get deleted automatically. So we can create a separate jQuery file, so that we can get over pre-defined code in a completely different approach and add functionalities which a basic WordPress plugin can not provide. Additionally, this code also works faster while as per need, we can also set delay in it to work after few seconds when a page loads.

We advice you to have good understanding of how HTML, CSS and JavaScript first to know how to properly use jQuery. You can buy book to learn jQuery here: https://www.amazon.com/Learn-HTML-CSS-Javascript-Jquery-ebook/dp/B07Z68Z4RG/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ziscom&qid=1621026361&sr=8-3

If you want PDF version of book, you can get it here: https://ziscom.in/product/learn-html-css-javascript-and-jquery/

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