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JavaScript is a very useful programming language. JavaScript is used to make dynamic and interactive web content. While the other server side code can take some time to load, JavaScript’s client side code works much more faster. JavaScript code can be of a great value to use to implement functionalities where it is not good to modify server side code directly. Great thing about JavaScript is that while there are a lot of different kinds of server side programming languages, JavaScript is used among all of these. So, it also makes it most used programming language over the internet. JavaScript itself has a lot of libraries which can do complicated tasks and can even make websites 98% on its own while little depending on server side programming language to access database. JavaScript can also implement CSS website designing in itself on the basis of various conditions which it allows to set. So, in a way it is a versatile programming language which can be used to do almost everything over the internet and used in a lot of conditions. Website apps created in JavaScript and its libraries are super fast. If you want to know how to write JavaScript code, you can learn in this video:

While video covers only some basic instructions how JavaScript can be coded, we ask to inspect further about it in the link provided below. JavaScript mostly works on HTML elements. jQuery is one library of JavaScript which provides ready made complex functionalities. While jQuery depends on a CDN, JavaScript works by itself. For JavaScript code output, we do not need to rely on hosting either like rest of the server side programming languages. JavaScript can be implemented on top of many other programming languages to get complicated functionalities which otherwise may not be possible because of their complexity or limitations of readymade apps.

If you want more details on how to code JavaScript, here is video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9cuW9N0amE&list=PLGnR7Ae9qkw4IHV0so238Uz0LOFRxP6Kt

You can buy book to learn JavaScript at https://www.amazon.com/Learn-HTML-CSS-Javascript-Jquery-ebook/dp/B07Z68Z4RG/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ziscom&qid=1621026361&sr=8-3

If you want PDF version of book, you can get it here: https://ziscom.in/product/learn-html-css-javascript-and-jquery/

If you want to know more of JavaScript, we advice you to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS first which is explained in the above books. Once you learn JavaScript, you can go on learning about its libraries in the next step. JavaScript has a lot of libraries, while at the jQuery level, you can learn how to implement small functionalities of a website, such a slider, complicated date selector, etc. and with inbuilt different animations we can choose. At a higher level such as ReactJS etc. we can create a full website inside it. While JavaScript is sustainable in itself, it helps a lot of other programming languages and can be implemented on top of other programming languages. For an expert, JavaScript can be used to create own custom apps itself whose functionality can be extended to our imagination.

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