Free to use powerful software on computer:

Libre Office: Microsoft Office is a paid software, use the best alternative Libre Office free to use Office suite.

PeaZip: Free RAR TAR ZIP files extractor utility for Windows. Compress, extract, encrypt, backup, split files. Unzip 7Z ACE CAB RAR TAR ZIP archives using free to use PeaZip software for Windows.

Free Download Manager: Speed up your Windows downloads using this Free Download Manager for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.

Shorten your URL: Shorten your url at and it can hold infinitely long urls which work in all social medias, etc.

Free powerful software For coders:

Lightshot: Take screenshot of computer screen’s selected area and add text or designs and share it with anyone using a readymade link using Lightshot on Windows and Mac. If you want it only in chrome browser it is also available as extension.

Loom: Create desktop screen videos and share with anyone with a link, on your Chrome Browser using Loom. It is also available for computer.

Teamviewer: Work on remote computer at other location using Teamviewer.

Notepad++: Best small size code editor. Make coding easier through Notepad++.

Visual Studio Code: Manage big coding projects, using IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as VS Code.  

Node.js: A lot of terminal commands run if you have Node.js.

Github: Manage your project code in online free to use Github repository while multiple workers can work on it at once.

FileZilla: Download FTP client, to access your website files through FileZilla FTP.

XAMPP: Do PHP coding in local computer through XAMPP.

WordPress CMS: Create a website through free GUI software using WordPress.

Codeigniter MVC: Create a website through free coding software using Codeigniter.

Android Studio: Create Android app using Android Studio.

OS Emulator: Run free Windows, Linux, etc. computer through browser window using Onworks.

Free photos and videos to download (without copyright issue): at Pexels and Unsplash.

Free powerful online photo editing tools:

Photopea: Photoshop is a paid software however its free alternative Photopea is available online to use.

Picresize: Lower your photo dimensions online at Picresize.

Imgonline: Compress JPG file to a specified size in Kilobytes or Megabytes online at Imgonline.

Countingcharacters: Increase of decrease image size in mentioned width and height at Countingcharacters.


There are a lot of other tools available online we can just search a functionality on google and needed tools show up, which can be run live on websites to directly do various tasks. It could be either you want to create pdf, convert pdf pages to images, full page screenshot, extract a video’s music, and list goes very long. Different browsers also provide their own set of extensions to perform additional task. For example in case of Chrome there are free extensions available. I hope this information help you in some way.

*Download buttons are software for Windows 64bit. For any help or advice contact us.