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Full form of HTML is ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’. It is a most basic and required language to create any website structure. HTML labels pieces of website structure, if it is heading, if it is body, if it is title, if it is paragraph, if it is link, etc. using special tags. Each website contains some basic tags to create the structure of website. HTML file can be created using a simple notepad and save the file with extension ‘.html’ or ‘.htm’. When we add proper tags in a file ended with .html or .htm, such file saves like a browser type of file in computer. When we double click on this kind of file with extension .html or .htm, it opens in a web browser and shows the website structure created by us using various tags written in HTML language.

Let us learn how to create most basic tags present in every HTML file and how to create a special HTML file on your computer and you can see output in your browser offline. Watch this video (pause the video anytime to read descriptive text), to see these details:

While the above video covers most basic tags of HTML, there are a lot of other tags available in HTML to define a lot of different kinds of structures and functionalities in HTML. While we can also define a unique ID or a common class on multiple HTML tags, so as to do CSS, JavaScript or jQuery on it. While CSS can design the HTML file, JavaScript and jQuery can setup special events on different elements of HTML. HTML also provides a base on which various other server side programming languages like PHP can add dynamic functionalities in it using their special tags. So, we can say that HTML is the most useful website layout creation language on top of which other programming languages work to develop a proper website.

If you are interested to learn HTML, we have created a lot of different kinds of resources. It includes videos, paperback book and also a pdf type file which can be read directly on an electronic device screen.

If you want to learn more about HTML, here is a playlist of HTML coding videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCoiTjJJeUI&list=PLGnR7Ae9qkw77Mztjx6NvNq5GZZBMY0pw

You can buy paperback book to learn HTML:

If you want PDF version of book, it is available here: https://ziscom.in/product/learn-html-css-javascript-and-jquery/

While there is a lot to learn about programming languages for creating a website and many other website applications, it is very important to learn how the HTML works first. HTML is the base on top of which a lot of other programming languages work to create a website and many other applications. As the newer versions of HTML came, the basic tags are mostly working while only a few were removed or added more for the convenience. It is because almost every websites is working on the HTML and any major change in the tags of HTML would disturb the setup. So, the tags which could be somehow bad for website creation are removed or some tags which could make HTML more convenient to use are added in newer versions of HTML while initial version of HTML are also fully in working condition to keep the created websites up and working.

As humans are regularly trying to improve and optimize the technology over the passage of time and so there are minor changes in programming languages which result in regular maintenance of websites. So, there are requirements in changes to be done in websites time to time, to keep the websites running and also to upgrade them as per new useful functionalities available.

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