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PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server side scripting language. PHP was created in 1993 and released in 1995. PHP is a logical programming language geared toward web development. We can do logical conversions, manipulations on data through PHP to get the required output from raw data. PHP can create dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP can interact with databases to Create (input data in database), Read (get data from database), Update (update data in database) and Delete (to delete data in database) CRUD. PHP is free to use and Open source. PHP can also create, read, update or delete data in computer files. While PHP in it is only a programming language which can manipulate data, it can depend on database, files present in computer or can get data from files present in external sources. Because of the functionality to store data, it can keep records of comments, changes, etc.

PHP not only create websites however it can be used to create tools as well. It also have a lot of libraries available independently which can perform complex functionalities. For example phpspreadsheet can create excel sheet and save data in excel sheet. Github.com has a wide variety of repositories available. A lot of website development tools, CMS (Content Management Systems), MVC (Model View Controller) has been created on the basis of PHP.

PHP has been very widely used, newer versions are regular coming and support related to PHP knowledge is always available on google.com , there are a lot of other website such as www.stackoverflow.com which have dedicated workers to help you with any PHP issue you face, based on their expertise and it is free support available anytime. A lot of web developers also create their own websites like this one, where needy people can reach to get details accordingly. And they can also buy stuff , templates or buy services as per any requirements.

Let us learn how to run PHP on a local computer. PHP can work on a live paid hosting (or server) automatically and we can run PHP on an offline computer as well. For installing PHP on a local computer, there is need to download XAMPP software on computer first. XAMPP can also run MySQL database and have some other functionalities as well. Let us learn how to install and use XAMPP Apache server on your local computer:

So, either you work on basic PHP code, or you want to work on PHP library, CMS created in PHP or a MVC developed using PHP, there will always be need to depend on XAMPP like software while working on offline computer.

An example of PHP code is shown in last video. We can further manipulate that PHP code to get dynamic outputs from a form made in HTML, as shown in video below:

Once you know how to install and code in local computer, you can learn further by buying a book mentioned below. Book also covers MySQL, the most widely used database with PHP programming language. Book covers how to perform CRUD operations and more on a database using PHP. Book covers a lot more ways how you can perform manipulations on data using PHP.

You can also buy PDF version of book available in website here: https://ziscom.in/product/learn-php/

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