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This android app allows you to know different time zones around the world. Along with knowing different time zones you can also the difference of hours in each of them.

While time around the world keeps running however there is always difference in hours because of different times of sunrise and sunset. Based on different hours of mid-day and mid-night, so as to track these events, different places in the world has different time running. Based on particular time present around a place, there is a different time zone. In that way there a lot of time zones around the world. While there are different time zones around the world, there is a need to compare them with each other.

Meridian a circle of constant longitude passing through a given place on the earth’s surface and the terrestrial poles. While world has been divided in different time zones, so there is a need to set time at a place as exact and other time zones can be set to have +1, +2, +3, … hours times based on that time zone. As per the international agreement on 13th October, 1884, meridian passing through Greenwich, England, was considered as the 0 degrees because during that time, most of the commerce depended on the sea-charts and to manage sea routes they used Greenwich as prime meridian. So whatever time going on is considered as 0:00 while the time of other time zones can be compared to it as +1 hour ahead of it or +2 hours ahead of it, etc.

World is divided into different countries. Sunrise time and sunset time of all the countries is different. and while GMT time (Greenwich Mean Time) is considered as the mean time, different countries have named their own time zones based on the name of the area. It makes it easier to compare different time zones spread around the world.

As it is the age of Internet and it usually happen that we have to contact a person which is living in other part of the world, he/she could be a business client, employee, relative, employer, etc. While it could be mid-night for that person in their country, it is very important to know when it will be day-time for that person when we can talk to them as per their convenience or our convenience based on, if they can fit in our schedule. While it could be very difficult to tell the other person at what exact time I will be available because they have a completely different time in their country. So, we need to track how many hours and minutes their time is ahead or behind of us. One can easily track the time through this android app, so that timely meetings can be scheduled with a person living in different time zone.

Track the World Time Zones quickly. Track up to 10 world time zones at ones. Download Android App here:

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