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CodeIgniter is a powerful MVC (Model View Controller) framework which provides a small in size toolkit of a few Mega Bytes (MBs) to create full fledged web applications which are very fast. CodeIgniter works with a lot of different kinds of databases.

Following project has been created to display simple implementation of CodeIgniter. It shows a new application which includes logins, sessions and can handle infinite users with their own dashboard. Each dashboard is designed to set functionalities to watch news of particular types.

Project covers the News of particular types through however when a user register and login and to his account on the website at , user gets his own Custom Dashboard which shows in name, email, option to change password and other functionalities. This project has been created on the scope that while Coronavirus, whichever news we opened, it belonged to only one topic. So, it caused a lot of negative-ness to spread whoever read news about the Virus. Similarly, there are topics around us which offend certain people. While news is a wonderful thing to read and increase knowledge about our surroundings and some powerful components can cause us to stay away from news and avoid latest news going around the world. While there a lot of other news applications available online which allow us to read topic however it can not avoid certain kind of news topics which we shall not be interested in knowing more to keeping up our healthy reading. Many readers take it very seriously based on if the news is interesting, they like to read however when not interesting topics start showing up, the refuse to read them further. While the news agencies promise to bring truth to us, they also bring topics which is not of our interest.

So, to make the news interesting, we can exclude some news which we do not like to read. For example, if we do not like to read more news about word ‘coronavirus’, we can simply login to this web application and add the word ‘coronavirus’ in it. After being logged in, when you open the news in the website, it will scan through each News topic and text, for the word ‘coronavirus’. If the word found in a news, it will not show that news and you can easily focus on what else is going around the world.

Similarly there are a lot of topics, which you can exclude using the dashboard. Exclude the repetitive news words which you believe is not of your interest at the moment or you do not want to read about those topics ever. You can edit (add or remove) those words easily in the dashboard to get the News except the news which have those particular words. Here is demo video showing how to use the Dashboard:

You may not be interested in politics news, some personality news or a particular topic news which is not of your interest however their news get repeated over and over again in News. Here you have choice to add all the topic related words in the Dashboard and you won’t get any News which contain those words.

Every time you find a News containing particular words, not of your interest, you can add those words and news including those words will not show to you. Words can be added or removed anytime.

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