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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It allows us to create a website much faster and without need to do coding. We can use pre defined menus, to finalize website design and functionality. WordPress has been written in PHP programming language. So if you want to use WordPress on a local computer, there will be need to install XAMPP first which is a local server available to run any code written in PHP language. Here is a video to install XAMPP on your computer:

Once done, you can download WordPress here and unzip the downloaded file in a folder and place it in ‘htdocs’ folder which is present in XAMPP folders installation. Detailed process to do it has been explained in this video:

Once the WordPress gets installed, you need to install a website theme. A theme can be available free of cost or can be bought. A theme usually contains a basic website design where you can easily add your own content. Themes usually comes with a manual on how to set it up. There are a lot of different settings which come inbuilt in a WordPress theme. A theme usually contains a pre defined basic plugins to run a website demo structure which they exhibited before you chose a website theme. Themes usually also allows to import demo website pages, posts, videos, images, plugins and ready made structure of the website, displayed in the demo. While themes can be editing through pre-defined menus as well however for some complex functionalities not provided in theme, we can also code them separately in the website.

Basic setup of WordPress also allows you to create pages of a WordPress website, blog posts, header, footer, etc. through different menus.

You can work on various WordPress menus, there are a lot of different plugins available to add multiple sub functionalities to add to basic WordPress installation. While plugins provide ready-made functionalities as per the additional needs in a website, we should know which are the best plugins available, how to install them and how to configure them as per our needs. While there a lot of plugins available, I would like to advice there are a lot of free to use plugins available for different functionalities. While you can search about these plugins in WordPress’ ‘Featured’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Recommended’ plugins directory and compare them on the basis of ratings, downloads, etc., you can also search a lot more plugins on google for a particular functionality or by contacting an expert. While plugins can be bought as well based on the special functionalities, and you can download them on your computer. Here is a video which displays how to install a plugin inside WordPress:

While plugins provides additional functionalities, there is a need to search properly how to efficiently use a plugin.

To know how to fully work on WordPress, we recommend you to view this book: https://www.amazon.com/Learn-WordPress-Make-websites-Ziscom-ebook/dp/B07ZWGCF9Y/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ziscom&qid=1651757517&sr=8-2

You can also get PDF version of book here: https://ziscom.in/product/learn-wordpress/

Good luck with your website development journey!

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