Directly insert code in header, body and footer in WP


Insert custom code in header, body and footer in WordPress

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At times it gets complicated to add custom code in your WordPress website’s header, body and footer.

-There maybe server, cache, etc. issues why edit in footer file is not reflecting in website.
-We need to add some google tracking code, google ads code, google analytics code, etc. in header and WordPress is not allowing it directly.
-If you want to add jquery, custom fonts, cdn, css, etc. you may need to add code in header of website.
-We need to first create links to a file where javascript, etc. can be added to add some custom functionality in footer of website.

Use this plugin to solve all your problems quickly. Once downloaded you can use it in all your projects and websites to save a lot of time and to prevent other issues. Either you are a fresher in coding or an expert, save your precious time and avoid the risk of working with WordPress files and code in them.


How to install a WordPress plugin:

  1. Login WordPress website and go to your website’s WordPress dashboard
  2. Move cursor over ‘Plugins‘ menu, on left and select ‘Add new
  3. Click ‘Upload plugin‘ button on top of page
  4. Click the ‘Choose File‘ button to upload plugin and click ‘Install Now‘ button.
  5. Installation starts and when it completes, click ‘Activate‘ button to activate the plugin.


How to use plugin:

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard, go to ‘Settings‘ menu on left and click on ‘Insert in Header Body and Footer‘. You get Header, Body and Footer three sections to add code quickly and Save it.



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