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Full form of CSS is ‘Cascading Style Sheets’. It is used for designing a website. It could be used to refine proper structure ( or layout ) of website on the basis of elements size or designing of website which includes coloring, fonts, etc. It is very useful code not to be used only with HTML but also with in CMS (Content Management System), MVC (Model View Controller), etc. to design any online website/software.

Functionalities of CSS on the basis of designing extend to vast level. While all of the internet you see would be shapeless and in black and white color CSS helps to make it beautiful and attractive. While other programming languages can implement other complex nature and functionalities of website, CSS makes it look attractive.

There are a lot of methods of designing can be done, while could be changing font of text, coloring text, animations, movements, size. Because of its own nature, it allows a lot of further settings which can be done on the basis of our requirements.

There are various methods to write CSS while its basic code structure remains same. It can be written inside code lines; in a separate structure of same file in ‘style’ tags or in a separate file to avoid cluttering of different kinds of code. Having a separate file, also give us power to add a common code to all pages. In the way, all common elements will have similar design and so it maintains uniformity among a website pages while CSS code is written only once in a common CSS file for all. Here is a video on how to write CSS in different ways:

While this video only covers how we can implement different kinds of CSS as per our needs, you will require to learn different ways of CSS could be implemented in a website. There are a lot of other design related functionalities which CSS can add. We advice you to view these videos to further enquire what CSS is capable of doing. If you want to learn further how to do CSS coding, here is playlist of videos available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCXws2iGTgU&list=PLGnR7Ae9qkw4Eky6m7d4cTzgcEbbTCbG-

These videos show how to work on simple code, however it is valid on all types of coding either in CMS or MVC. There is a case when you do CSS at a place and forgets where it was coded, so you can find file name by clicking on CTRL+SHIFT+I ( or Inspect element) on website browser page. It also allows us to do demo code on page before actually moving it to coding file.

You can buy book on CSS coding here: https://www.amazon.com/Learn-HTML-CSS-Javascript-Jquery-ebook/dp/B07Z68Z4RG/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ziscom&qid=1621026361&sr=8-3

If you want PDF version of book, it is available to buy here: https://ziscom.in/product/learn-html-css-javascript-and-jquery/

For properly learning CSS, you should have knowledge of HTML. Above mentioned reference covers knowledge starting from HTML and how to work on CSS. While its next level how CSS can be used in JavaScript has been explained in the above book. JavaScript allow us to code CSS on certain set on condition and in a more sophisticated way where direct CSS can not be applied on certain set of elements because of complexity.

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