Duplicate WordPress Pages/Posts to recreate quickly


Duplicate your page, post or other elements in WordPress for adding data or for testing purposes while inner content remains same. It is a must to have widget for everyone to ease your experience on WordPress. It work in a lot of other plugins to ease your work

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  1. Testing Purposes: It happen regularly to us that we get some issue in our page. Now the second big issue is how to do editing in page and without creating another issue while testing. So the best method is to use this plugin. Create a duplicate of page, post or a WordPress element and do testing on element until you get the result. It keeps your original copy safe.
  2. Adding Purposes: It happen that we want to make a page which have elements 50% similar to previous page made. For example 1) We have already designed a post and we want to duplicate that design in each post with different content. or 2) We are adding Woo-commerce products of similar type with similar option and we need to change only text while keeping rest of the options same. 3) We have created some content in a plugin like ‘Popup maker’ (A lot of other plugins supported) and we want to make another popup element with exactly similar qualities and quickly . This plugin does exactly what you needs.
  3. Updating Purposes: It makes new content with full example of original content. So when you make duplicate of page, post or element it also makes easy for you to understand that what relevant content to fill as previous product content example is already in-front of you.


  1. This plugin saves your lot of time by doing a lot work for you.
  2. This plugin saves your energy.
  3. It duplicates WordPress page, post and many other elements.
  4. It helps in testing of issues.
  5. It is compatible with a lot of other plugins.
  6. It duplicate all your content, design, short-code and everything else in original copy in exactly the same way.

If you are using WordPress, it is a must have widget for you to keep in your WordPress inventory either you are an expert or a fresher. You do not know when you will need it. The premium plugin is compatible, safe and tested with wide variety of  conditions and many other plugins.

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